Review: Chemical carcinogenicity and mutagenicity

A new review, titled ‘Mechanisms of chemical carcinogenicity and mutagenicity: a review with implications for predictive toxicology’ , collates the experimentally derived mechanistic knowledge relating to this type of chemically induced toxicity.  Whilst a lot of the material is well known to the medicinal chemist the article serves as a good introduction to the area and a useful reminder of the functionalities to avoid where possible (either by direct inclusion or via bioactivation). The review begins with some background to the area, and the general mechanisms of carcinogenicity, before then looking in more detail at specific functional groups (i.e. acylating agents, alkylating agents, intercalators, and aminoaryls) and their associated mechanisms of action.  The last section of the review looks at the effects of structure on these mechanisms and the implications for predicting toxicity.

Other related articles from our archive that may also be of interest with respect to limiting chemical toxicity in drug molecules include:

Please feel free to add any additional links to papers covering similar material in the comments below.

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